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DT cane, the first ever smart cane for the visually impaired, this state of the art technology can help the visually impaired to lead the life of a sighted person!

Are your loved ones or friends suffering from blindness or visual impairment?

Have you considered how challenging their lives must be? We can make dreams into reality for the 285 million visually impaired people worldwide, of these 39 million are blind and 246 have severely afflicted vision.

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Help around the home

State of the art technology

Now you can explore the world of the sighted. DT Cane will transform your life


The lightweight contemporary neck device has sensors and speakers that will connect you to your surroundings

Bluetooth/ GSM

Bluetooth/ GSM capability connects to headset and Smartphone or connect manually

Mobile Application

The Mobile application connection heightens and refines the experience





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Smartcane Features


Travel anywhere with the intelligent system

- The onboard navigator can take you anywhere
- Seek clarification at any time during the journey
- The intelligent systems memorise multiple locations inside or out
- The system will recognize buses and trains

High-end technology keeps you socially connected

- Speak to your device in your mother tongue
- Translate from twenty available languages to any other supported tongue
- Analyze nearby conversations
- Voice and facial recognition over a thirty-foot circumference

Never feel alone or vulnerable

- Night detection systemallows for 24-hour use
- Emergency call capability or loud alert to raise attention
- Solar energy re-energises battery. Never runout.
- Voice technology communicates useful or entertaining information

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