1. How will this device lead me to the places that I want to go?

You can teach it. How? Let’s suppose you want to go for a hike. You say to the cane “I want to go to the Great Smoky Mountains”. The device will start directing you to that place. It will make sure you are kept out of danger. The state of the art technology will show you the best possible paths. The technology can detect any possible obstacles through powerful sensors and radar technology. You will never fall over obstacles while walking alone!
If you are a person who loves jogging or going out? No worries. We’ve got you covered. You will take the cane to your regular destinations and it will memorize those locations. The next time you want to go there you tell it and will remember and take you back there.

Why is DT cane expensive?

We stand for quality and ongoing support. We are offering 2 years of Guarantee and 3 years of warranty.

DT also offers lifetime support on software. Our dedicated customer care representative always available for your query.

2. How can this device help me around the house?

The SmartCane can detect objects around the house and lead you to them. It recognizes doors so it can help you to make it directly to the door and through it. It will help you to find utensils, cosmetics and other items used on adaily basis in the normal household.

3. How will it help me to cook?

It will notify you about the cooking vessels, cooking materials.

4. Will I be able to use public transport using this device?

The system can detect trains and buses. It can also select the correct one for you. It recognizes the doors and will ensure that you are led directly to the door, so you can use public transport with confidence.

5. What happens if I am far from home and the batteries run low?

We have you covered, as long as there is some sunlight the batteries will keeping charging using solar energy.

6. I love fresh air and sunlight. Can I take the SmartCane on a walk outside?

You most certainly can. The cane will lead you to your destination along the most unobstructed routes. There is no need to walk slowly. You can walk in the same way as any sighted person.

7. How does this cane communicate so much information?

It is equipped with a wearable device that has speakers and sensors that it uses to connect with you for the purposes of communication.

8. I would like to get one of these canes for my mother, but she does not speak English. How will the cane communicate with her?

These devices come with multi-language support, so depending on what language she speaks this may not be a problem.

9. I sometimes feel quite alone as I cannot identify the people around me. This cane appears to have catered to the many needs of the blind. Can it help me to identify people?

The cane is equipped with voice recognition technology. It senses surrounding conversations and will inform you if it recognizes familiar voices. You will obviously have to introduce the voice to the cane and in future, it will know the voice and inform you of the presence of that person.

10. Can I walk outside in the rain?

The wearable device is water resistant, but you should make an effort to protect from heavy downpoursas with all electronic devices.

11. I find it difficult to shop as identifying the correct payment can cause problems for me. Can this device help me with this?

The Smart Cane can let you know about the product you are buying, read price tag, identify currencies, so you will no longer require assistance when paying for goods.

12. How do I get about at night?

No problem. The cane works well at night. It has a blinking light system which means that you can also be seen when walking in the dark streets at night.

13. I am nervous about walking alone outside. Will I be safe on my own with this cane?

The cane has built-in safety devices. With the press of a button, you can activate the pre-recorded message that shouts out loudly “Someone near me. Please help me.” You can determine how loud you want this voice to be. You can also program the system to call the police if you want to.

14. What if I am alone and I fall or need assistance?

You can program the device to call a friend or family member in the event of an emergency. It can also call the police.

15. With no-one to walk with me how can I be sure that I won’t get into a mess by stepping in puddles of water or downfall?

The system can detect water and will warn you of its proximity.

16. When I’ve been out I battle to get back into my house. This worries me. I feel unsafe when I have to stand outside my door searching for the right key. Can the device help me?

The system can lead you directly to your front door, and identify the correct key for you so you no longer need to feel so vulnerable outside your home.